Our Brand Story

In South Asian traditions Every stage of life, birth, marriage, celebratory occasions and achievements are marked with gifts of gold. Gold jewellery is purchased knowing it increases in monetary value, making it an age-old tradition for South Asian women to purchase gold as a saving, or an investment. It is not only for the wealthy, women of varying financial statures keep some form of gold jewellery that might come in use in times of need. It’s ability to act as liquid money is a subtle representation of a woman’s financial independence.

With the historic richness of the textiles found in Pakistan, it is an essential element of our brand. Pakistan’s geographic position leads it to have dress influences from Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia and China, with earliest signs of hand woven textiles found here dating back to 5000 BC.

Sindhi textile and embroideries in particular show influences brought in by neighbouring provinces and countries, showing signs of centuries of migration, trade and different political influences. While some of the dress and costumes styles found are of the direct legacy of the Mughal courts designs, produced by the artisans who migrated here in 1947. The historic significance of 22k gold, and rich heritage of textiles in Pakistan is what gives Sundus Talpur Jewellery its strong brand identity, Textiles carry with them tales of their past, our brand explores the ability of jewellery design to ground these embodied narratives in contemporary design. Our jewellery is designed exploring the graphical vocabulary and the physicality of the textile itself. Each element contains the ‘fired out’ details of hand-weave and embroidery. The works explore the richness of gold jewellery while grounding embodied narratives in contemporary design and current lifestyles. It aims to support new horizons and sustainable futures for heritage skills and techniques.

About The Designer

sundus talpur

Sundus Talpur has a Masters Degree in Jewellery design from Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London, UK. She also has a Bachelors Degree in fine Arts, Majoring in Sculpture.

Academically trained as a sculptor, Sundus Talpur found her love for Jewellery making while creating sterling silver sculptures in a Jewellery workshop. It was the thin line between Jewellery, art and sculpture where Talpur found her brand identity.

Sundus Talpur a brand of fine 22K Gold and Sterling Silver Jewellery.

She owns her independent brand with a flagship store in karachi and stockists all across major cities of Pakistan.

Philanthropist at heart, her designs reflect the textures from locally sourced handwoven textiles. Each piece she creates is unique in its kind, sculpted by hand and carries with it the burnt out detail of a textile weave.

Textiles carry with them stories of the past, while Jewellery design grounds the narrative in the contemporary. As a designer Talpur’s work is reflective of her Family lineage and her South Asian heritage. The value of history and culture is reflective in the design work that she carries out, particularly the textile heritage of Sindh and Baluchistan. Her work reflects how luxury design can be used to aid philanthropic causes.

Sundus Talpur’s flagship store is in karachi and stockists all across major cities of Pakistan. She has exhibited and participated in fashion weeks across Pakistan, London and Paris, including participating in Tranoï, the Paris Fashion Week trade show.

Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Ok! Pakistan and has been on the cover of Grazia Magazine. Other publications that have featured her work include Tribune Edit, women’s own magazine, The Nation, Samaa online, amongst others.

She was the first jewellery designer in Pakistan to hold a solo jewellery show for the finale for Pakistan fashion week 2021. Sundus Talpur’s jewellery can be seen on A-list stars, Celebrities and socialites of Pakistan.

To add to her many achievements she has also won the best jewellery designer award by ADA Magazine Pakistan.